Damp Proofing in Colchester

As a family run business, we have over 30 years experience providing Damp Proofing solutions in Colchester and surrounding areas. Our highly skilled tradesmen are trained to deliver the best damp proofing solutions for your Residential properties, using only the highest rated products. What’s more, we can arrange surveys/quotations to be carried out at a suitable date and time for you, followed with a detailed report of the affected areas identified and what treatment is required.

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About Damp Proofing

There are three most common types of damp for residential properties, these include Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp and Condensation. If you have damp in your building, it can damage your interior such as flaking paint, crumbling plaster, and curling paper. It could also cause more serious property damage, including the following:

  • Timber decay
  • Structural damage
  • Rotting Skirting Boards

Damp proofing is a treatment applied to properties as a solution to stop water/moisture entering your building. There are a variety of Damp proofing products which are used, including chemical DPC Fluids and Injection Creams, along with high-quality installation equipment such as Injection pumps and Guns

How Effective is DPC Injection Cream?

A high strength DPC injection cream is the most quickest, economical and effective method to treat rising damp. It creates a physical barrier inserted into the materials of a building. The horizontal barrier protects against rising damp when injected into the mortar bed joints of a wall. It is best suitable for Brick walls, Masonry Walls and Stone walls.

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Our Services

Rowing Restorations are fully equipped to treat Rising damp, Penetrating damp and Condensation for your Residential properties. Our specialists are able to protect your home from these damp problems occurring as well as improve the appearance of your home. We offer a 10 and 20 year company guarantee for our Damp Proofing works. Our wealth of knowledge and experience means we are able to handle a project of any size, from start to finish without obstructions.

  • 10 & 20 Year Company Guarantee
  • Survey & Quotation Services
  • Customer Support
  • Range of Damp Proofing Treatments
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About Colchester

Colchester is a historic town based in Essex, England. It is the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain, with an evident Medieval background. With a population count of 121,859 at the time of the census in 2011, it has been named as one of Britain’s fastest growing towns. Colchester is a thriving area, offering lots of attractions to tourists with many places to visit. It is home to Colchester Castle, Colchester Zoo, Colchester United Football Club, Colchester Leisure World as well as Mercury Theatre. The borough is also location to the University of Essex

Why Choose Us?

Looking for an effective way to prevent damp problems occuring in your property? You’ll be pleased to know we provide specialist Damp Proofing in Colchester and the Tendring area. All of the chemicals we use are environmentally friendly and have a same day re-entry period. Rowing Restorations take pride in our attention to detail and professionalism of our customer service. Our excellent quality workmanship allows us to deliver your Damp Proofing solutions, at competitive prices and within agreed time frames.

Contact us

If you’re interested in regards to our Damp Proofing in Colchester, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of our expert team will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. Call us 07887 877350 or email us rowingrestoration@btinternet.com for more information.