Building Work

As a trusted building company, offering a complete building service for your home.

Whether you need some building work for your home, or construct a new property, Rowing Restoration provide a complete building service. From Architect to Construction, our friendly team of professionals will guide you through the process.

Building New Build

Building Alterations

Building alterations including both internal and external works are a common project for Rowing Restoration. Transforming the internal room size of your home by removing internal walls and simply knocking two rooms into one or creating two rooms from one.

One of the big things that comes in our way with any type of building alterations is ensuring that we have the correct permissions to be able to complete the work we are tasked to do.

Providing a complete building service, Rowing Restoration are able to help with everything you need.

New Builds

Building a New House can be a daunting process. Obtaining planning permission, finding the correct professionals, getting the right materials can all be a very stressful time. This is where Rowing Restoration can help you. We offer a complete building service for your New Build.

Building Alterations
Commercial Building Work

Commercial Work

Completing small commercial building projects is what Rowing Restoration does best. Transforming a small unit into a usable space for offices or completing small shop fits, no small jobs ever phase us. Are you a business that needs some commercial building work? Rowing Restoration can help you from the start to finish with any project.